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 rapport des prospects du CH sur HF boards hier pour le camp

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rapport des prospects du CH sur HF boards hier pour le camp Empty
MessageSujet: rapport des prospects du CH sur HF boards hier pour le camp   rapport des prospects du CH sur HF boards hier pour le camp EmptyJeu 4 Juil 2013 - 19:44

Here we go....First, DISCLAIMER....this is a report that while maybe intriguing to read means nothing. Great....you can move on now...
Only skating drills and some puck drills 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 3 against the goalie and so on. By chance...no rubber exercices or anything like that. Now, first and foremost, group was separated in 2 so I had to choose and stuck with the puck drills. Saw a little of the skating drills but not a whole lot. Yet, in puck drills, you do see the skating as well. Also, unfortunately, this freakin schedule is a nightmare for me. I live in the North Shore, Habs complex is in the south shore, construction all over the place, traffic as well...I won't be able to go as much as I thought I would. Maybe I'll be there tomorrow morning, but it seems that the fun is in the afternoon which I can't attend to so I hope others will be there. I know that I will be there on Sunday which should be THE big scrimmage. Finally, there's so many people, I didn't want to concentrate on guys we already knew too much unless something struck me about them. If not, well I didn't really concentrate on them. Okay here we go...

Guys that weren't there:
Connor Crisp
Artturi Lehkonen
Joonas Nattinen
Steve Quailer
Martin Reway
Colin Sullivan

I would have love to see where the old guys were at. Have no idea what's happening with them, though I didn't checked HF, did we trade any of those guys while I wasn't there?

Okay so in alphabetical order....

62-ANDRIGHETTO: Well it is a skills exercise so it won't be surprising if I say....WOW! Not that I didn't know it, I did vouch for Andrighetto a whole lot in this board but just a great skater but what was even more impressive today...his arsenal of shots. This guy has a NHL wrister. Crisp (geez, can I still say that now since we have a prospect with that name....won't be too confusing?), but incredibly precise, was picking the corners all day long. One of the most impressive in that regard.

6- BEAULIEU: Man amongst boys. Wasn't even trying and was stopping those 2 on 1 and 1 on 1 fairly easily. Great shot as we know. Great fluid skater. Awesome to watch even if I didn't concentrate on him....

60- BELZILE: Wasn't impressed today, especially when I'll compare him to some invitations we had. Seems frail but good passer nonetheless. But played good in Hamilton so again, that day means so much.

26- BENNETT: Favorite of mine that had troubles with his sharp turns today. Another fluid skater but technique wasn't up to par today. And it's just today as it usually is. Kid got bigger by the way. Not taller, at least it doesn't seem to me...but bigger in his frame, which is nice to see. His 195lbs he was talking about? Seemed real to me.

79- BOUDENS: You see that the natural instincts aren't exactly coming too easily yet....I was somehwat surprised today. Kid wants to show his stuff. On the 1 on 1, didn't hesitate to drive the net. Could be a fun customer on a 4th line in Hamilton....When I'll go back...I'll take a closer look.

49 - BOURNIVAL: The same old Michael. Honestly, didn't watch for him too much. Just continuing his development, looked fine in all accounts. One thing that seemed to me was that he seemed bigger in his upper body. Not sure if I need any adjustement to my prescription but that's what it seems.

48- BOZON: What's funny about him, and I remember writing this last year, he is inconsistent in his wristers. Probably one of the most inconsistent guys I've seen. In some occasions, you think he's a pee-wee shooting...and then he roofs one in without hesitation. Question of concentration surely. Again though, didn't jump as having improved a lot nor did he regress in any way. When I don't have a lot of things to say....it's not positive nor negative, only means the kids are continuing their development at least in that regard.

27 - BROUILLARD: Another kid that I liked in juniors, swift, really high IQ, good passing skills, good shot, but so tiny. Remains to be seen where he's headed.

30 - CADORETTE: Average day for him. Probably more in the bottom group of goalies than in the upper one. Again, just a practice but with some 2 on 1 and all so a whole lot of reading and people should also understand that those guys aren't in their high season right now.....Anyway, wasn't a sieve as this entire group of goalies was in a whole pretty solid, but wasn't in the highest group though when you will see who is....you will understand that there is a pattern....

37- CICHY: Like the Alouettes crowd had chanted to Ben Cahoon....ONE MORE YEAR.....ONE MORE YEAR....There's just nothing there. He would have been an invitation and he would have passed totally anonymous. Not my toughest prediction....but no need to follow his development....Good skater, here we go I said something positive.

38 - COLLBERG: Just a guy who is written on his forehead "NHL almost ready". Just his demeanour, his INCREDIBLE wrister, his skating, fluid, strong, maybe he wasn't as precise this time around that he was last year but he seemed bigger and even a little faster. Just can't wait for this kid

41- CONDON: Okay so every goalie let it some bananas, but the guy who impressed me the most today is HIM. Wow...impressive leg work. So fast with his legs, though I could suspect he might have, in a game situation, have some trouble with the rebounds, in the end, he, for me, looked like the best goalie of the 6 today. Again....see the pattern.....he is one of the oldest too. Seemed big out there, played big, but again, most impressive trait....how fast he is with his legs.

59- DE LAROSE: Took obviously a good hard look on him and he is big, he does need some filling though. He is fast, but somehow expect that there is some work technically to be done here. Showed some very good wristers but precision wasn't there today. So I wasn't blown away TODAY, but wasn't dissapointed either. Was an okay day for me.

75 - DEA: Swift, good moves, but so frail. Prediction is that he will be let go after this week. Was way too easily pushed around.

70 - DEKORT: Big goalie, probably slower than everybody else in his movement but not a turtle too. Like I said, everybody looked at least okay for every goalie. But let just say that he belongs in my bottom group of goalies for this year. Had some trouble controlling the pucks but made some great saves too. Looks incredibly calm in net. A guy to keep watching....intriguing package nonetheless.

39- DELMAS: Well like you have now already predicted, he was my 2nd best goalie of the day. Incredibly calm, but then he is older as well. Looked great most of the exercices. Again, remember, a great goalie in those exercices means letting tons of pucks in...but his composure, reflexes were still pretty good. Good day for him

51- DESJARDINS: Okay, I do realize that sometimes, I am sometimes influences by the number of a guy and starts making comparisons with guys that wears the same numbers. But I'll tell you, if you didn't know, you thought that Desjardins was Desharnais. Okay, Desjardins doesn't entirely have the great skills that DD has....but I'll tell you, I was somewhat impressed. Great wristers all over the place, really small but bulky. Way he skates he has a nice gravity to his stance, and didn't seemed bothered by the D's presented at him whether it was Beaulieu or Pateryn. Pleasantly surprised. To keep watching.

8 - DIDIER: One of the most intriguing projects for me. First, kid got volume. I don't know how much he took but he is big in his upper body. Looks strong and solid. Very good on game situations. Improved his skating. Might never be an offensive guy but defensively, this guy looks like a rock to me. Can't wait to see his progression

11- DIETZ: Solid Dietz, intimidating, nothing pass by him. Just plain Darren Dietz. Great shot. Nothing to see. Next. Great prospect.

40- DUFFY: Well I did mention that I was mostly concentrating on new guys....so I tried to watch him and he was mostly invisible to me today. I mean, I guess there's a limit for me to watch guys so Ben didn't shine for me. Doesn't mean he was bad, just meant he didn't do enough or I wasn't at a place to have a good read. Hoping somebody else did. Or hoping I'll see him more when/if I go back. Yo do notice that he stickhandles really well. Not extremely fast but good skater.

15- ELLIS: One of the prospect I liked the most, well didn't really focus on him. Yet, was solid except his passes were off today. Another one though that seemed to be like he gain a few pounds...

55- FOURNIER: First, pretty odd in his skating technique. For sure that he will have a lot of work to do with that. Great wristers and precise. Big kid who moves fairly well. To keep watching. I mean, I don't know in the end if they'll offer contracts to kids....but if they do, some will be a tougher decision than others....and I'm expecting Fournier to be a tough decision....

35- FUCALE: 1......2.....3....okay....let's...PANIC!!!!!!  Joking of course, but Zach was probably for me, the worst goalie today. Clearly not in a game shape, strangely as he is probably the guy that played the latest out of everybody.....but just seemed off. Goals were entering left and right, though mostly with great shots but then some shots through him etc. One thing though....he seemed to gel well with the guys. A little stick tap here and there, some words, had fun. Kid is still living the dream, don't be too hard on him. But just wasn't his day. Something strange though is that while it says 6'1'' 181 lbs...he seemed smaller than that. At least he played smaller. Again, don't panic, one practice, kid is in the clouds....and one day he'll resurfaces....Just wasn't his day.

78- GLASS: Who? Honestly, totally invisible. Nothing great, nothing bad, was fun knowing you. Yet....if I go back, I'll try to get a closer look....

14 - GRASSI: Well Degrassi High is a pretty interesting invitation. Was really good 1 on 1 and 2 on 1. Big and large stance, read the play well, good shot, fine skater, but just seemed to be really reliable defensively. Big guy too. Not really a whole lot of pure natural skills and talent.....yet, get the job done. Interesting guy to follow.

76- GRAVEL: Will need another look. Didin't really stand out. today

67- GRÉGOIRE: Strangely, not your fastest skater, but a really powerful one. Skates hunchback a little, really strong strides that needs some refinement. Good shot, nice instincts in game situations. Like the kid.

65- GUINDON: Probalby the youngest that did the best today. Not really big but really active in his net. Another one that seemed calm, cool and collected. Not sure what will happen to him but this kid needs to be on the watch list.

36-HALL: Wasn't particularly impressed by him today. Didn't show me the natural instincts that permitted him to be such a big scorer in the CHL. Another fine skater that stickhandles well. Showed some good wristers but didn't really stand out for an invitation guy compared to others

73-HENLEY: Really unorthodox skater. Would compare him to Barbi on skates, not really pretty, seemed uncoordinated. Inconsistent skills demonstration, from really weak shots to much precise one. My bet would be that he would be thanked at the end of the week with nothing happening.

44-HOLLAND: Really didn't concentrate on him yet, showed some really poised puck skills with how patient he was and finding the corners, especially low ones.

47-HUDON: Was having fun with Beaulieu. Other than that, just your typical Charles that looks good, skates well, passes well, shoots well.

71-LEBLANC: Looked like a man on a mission yesterday. Hard skater, great wristers, I really liked what I saw last night ('cause I started this report at 7:00, had to put the kids to sleep before sleeping myself, just woke up at 12:40 and finishing this report...)

63-MACAULAY: Liked what I saw yesterday, same then Fournier. Powerful long stride skater, showed his arsenal of skills despite not being the most naturally gifted kid, I would bet that Dogs will take a long look at him. I would.

56-MACMILLAN: Well, let just say that wasn't Mark greates skating day. Looked slow out there and I know he isn't. Surely either an injury problem or just not in game shape. Aside from that, his passing skills were really great.

32-MCCARRON: Big freakin man. Don't really remember such a big man at a camp. Yes, Tinordi is big, but Tinordi is relatively lean. McCarron is freakin LARGE. Just that is impressive. THEN, he started shooting and at first, I thought his wristers were weak, remembered a report about it so I was kinda dissapointed and then he started to get in gear and roofed some really hard ones. Needs to work on precision but he has a nice hard wrister. Not as crisp as Collberg, though who is. Then, his skating for me was really nice to see. Kid is not slow. Will need to work on his first steps, for sure, some coordination to work with, which is normal for a kid that grew up like that, but then he gets going and the speed is fine. Even the technique isn't that much to work with. Really impressive by the kid today. Didn't hesitate to use his slapper from within 20 feet which most prospects didn't do. Boys, we've got a good one in our hands!!!!

28-MURPHY: Can somebody sign the kid for god's sake. Well I was sold already, as I had him to be drafted, it really makes NO SENSE that this kid was not drafted. But the guy looks and act like a hockey player. Great technical skater, fast one, moves well, nice agility, very good shot, good slapper, honestly.....this guy, for me, is a KEEPER.

17- NYGREN: Somehow thought that he was much more leaner than I thought he would. And didn't have his best day 1 on 1, was passed by in some occasions. Wanted to see more. Will have to go back and see more.

57-NYSTROM: Good skater. Just have the feeling that nothing will happen with this kid. Just a gut feeling. Because his technicals are fine...just not exceptionals.

20-PATERYN: Only guy that showed some "nastiness" yesterday. 1 on 1 with Dea, if he could, he would have send him in the stands, guys waiting to take their turns almost got Dea in their faces....Such a solid and intimidating presence on the back end. Seemed to me that he improved his quickness. Great to see.

45- SHAW: Will come and go. Nothing to see here....but again, this is just one day

21- SIMONELLI: Was always found of Simonelli from the days I watched him in Wisconsin. Not the biggest guy out there, but extremely solid positionnaly. Didn't notice his shots, main point I noticed was how he looked unbeatable even if bigger and faster guys were coming at him. Not sure what will happen with him but he is surely worth a look

68 - SUENLLENTROP: Nothing out of the ordinairy. Was really noticeable with his passes, sometimes on the tape, sometimes way off. Pretty sure he's just filling a spot right now

89- THOMAS: Since I didn't expect to see him on the ice, I wondered who that Thomas kid was and thinking he was just an invitation, was about to say that it was a heck of an invitation and we had to retain him in some way.....Kid is not big but seems bulky, skates with great balance and has an obvious INCREDIBLE shot. Almost Collberg like. Awesome day for him. Skating, shot, precision, everything is there to work with.

25- THROWER: Rather ordinairy day for Dalton. Was fighting the puck all day long. Wasn't really good in puck reception and wasn't really good at distributing the puck either. And didn't show me the great wristers that he had last year. Just one day.

24- TINORDI: Another man amongst boys. He belongs in the main camp. Nothing to see. Way too dominating.

81-TODD: A boy amongst man. Nothing too exciting here. Will come and go too.

74-TRAINOR: Well I was already sold and still am. Shows how great he is around the net, find the openings, great instincts, great puck control, great precision. Good hard wrister. I'd sign him right there. But we'll see in game situations...

54- VAIL: Good hard powerful skater that still needs an extra step. That's it for now..

52- WALSH: I didn't see real improvement from Dustin since last year. Not sure why he's here unless it's his last chance to show what he can do before they take a decision August 15th. My bet would be that he doesn't show enough. But I've been wrong before.

That's it boys. Sorry for the wait. If and when I'll go back, I will not write as long a report. This is way too damn long for me and for you to read. And I'm pretty sure that my first instincts will stay the same. Will only write about the players that indeed are looking either really great or really bad. Still, it is just a developmentn camp...it means so much. Good night....going to sleep....
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